Flashback to Corona

In 2020 things got weird. Here’s a musical flashback to Corona.

I’m not sure the world will ever be the same. Covid-19 changed our lives in many ways. We became more scared. We became isolated. Life was uncertain. I took advantage of that isolation and composed electronic music. Here’s a flashback to the first few works I made during Corona.

The Empty Crowd was my first Covid-19 production. It started with the track “S.O.S,” a call for help during a scary and isolated time.

I began to experiment more with repetition and and less traditional rhythms during the early days of isolation. I also started to add more samples of live voice and guitar into my compositions. My second Covid-19 EP was F the Beautiful. The title track is hauntingly strange.

Time seemed to lose meaning during the early days of Corona. It felt like the days all started to blend together. At first time seemed to move slow, but as the isolation continued it seemed to disappear.

Hum¬†was my third EP released near the beginning of Covid-19. The last track, “Glitches in Time” suggests a break in the time continuum.

I produced many compositions during the two years of isolation that Covid-19 would dish out. By the time I composed the music for Ye Ol’ Corona Days, something had changed. The overwhelming urgency of the situation began to fade leaving the music less influenced by the immediate circumstances.

I wouldn’t want to relive those early days of Corona, but the music I created was definitely influenced by the feelings and effects of the social isolation of the time. I hope you might enjoy listening to these works as much as I did creating them. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.