There’s a Reason

there’s a reason i moved away
and why i will likely evict myself
from the office i once thought of
as mine. it’s simple. it’s not.
it’s not mine.
nor is the place I once called
home. never was.

there’s a lack of caring
even in the midst of this movement
calling for more equity and inclusion.
there’s less help, less appreciation,
more demand and expectation.
there’s war on the streets
and y’all just look the other way.
there’s a reason.

what happened to the days
when the job was done with the sun
before the system became
broken through vain attempts
to please everyone?
where is the peace on the drive
to and fro? it’s not there.
it left the building and the streets
a long time ago.

there’s a reason i would rather
sell shoes than be flooded
with useless information 24/7,
why i prefer the woods to
your walls.
even jesus understood.
there’s a reason.

Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.