The Only Truth Is Uncertainty, and that Is Good News

South Portland Maine – Photo by Dan Steven Erickson

I’ve been building a pedal board for my guitar. It’s simple. I plug my guitar into an effects pedal and then run a chain of effects pedals into my amp. I turn on the power and dial in my sound. I get a certain tone that I love every time. Until I don’t. The truth is that my guitar rig is unstable and the results can be uncertain. But that’s good news.

I’m in the middle of exciting times. We all are. Why? Because everything is uncertain. That’s the truth. Sure, your car starts every morning. You might go to the same job every day. It works like clockwork. Until the clock stops. It’s uncertain.

I love uncertainty. It makes life more interesting. Could you imagine never experiencing change? Change is uncertain. You might make an effort to change something. That doesn’t mean it will happen. And if it does, it doesn’t mean it will change in the way you thought it might. On the other hand, you could experience great change in your life without ever lifting a finger.

Why have I been on a rant about uncertainty lately? Two reasons.

  1. Music. I’m in the process of building my second pedal board. But this one is not for the guitar. It’s a desktop board where I’ll be experimenting with small drones, white-noise machines, radio frequencies, and other weird electronic instruments. The result will almost always be different. Uncertainty. Glorious uncertainty.
  2. Location. I’m currently living in Maine. But I’ve been applying for a few full-time jobs in other places, mostly the Northeast and the lower Midwest. If I’m offered one of these positions, I could be moving. More uncertainty.

Not to get too heavy, but what about God? I know many religious people claim to be absolutely certain about their version of God. I was raised Christian. I was forced into a cult. I have had as much fortune (or lack thereof) whether I practice religion or not. It doesn’t really matter. In either case, there is always uncertainty.

I’m on a journey. The journey is uncertain. And I for one wouldn’t have it any other way. I encourage you to accept uncertainty. It’s really all there is. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.