This is the current state of my first build. – Photo by Dan Steven Erickson

As a musicians, we all have our arsenal of equipment. In the past, I’ve been more of an acoustic guy. Then I started composing experimental electronic music about seven years ago. And now I’m slowly moving more toward electric guitar. That means pedals.

I’ve owned electric guitars since my late 20s. I’ve had a handful of effects pedals over the years. But I’ve never really done the deep research and put together a pedalboard. I’ve started that process this year. Actually, I’m working on two pedalboards.

Classic Analog and Noisy Digital

Here’s what I’m doing, maybe. I’m creating two small boards instead of one big one. That way I keep a simple signal chain. It also allows me to have two specific sounds.

The classic analog board will use a half dozen classic pedals. I’m really impressed with Creation Audio Labs in Nashville and have picked up the MK. 4.23 and the Holy Fire pedals. I already own a FullDrive 1, a MXR Carbon Copy, and recently picked up a couple of classics: The Boss DS1 and the MXR Phase 90. I’m not sure those will all wind up on the analog board. But the goal for that board is a traditional sound that can be dialed in for blues, rock, country, and jazz as a songwriting tool.

I haven’t yet started on the Noisy Digital board. But the idea is to get three or four multi-effects pedals that will produce a variety of wicked noises. I’m still researching on that front but brands like Death By Audio are high on my list. That board will be used for my work as Anderhill and A Cult of Lies.

I’m taking this journey slowly. I haven’t yet completed either board, but I am playing with the pedals and the order of them on the classic board.

Here’s to making music, always. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.