Steady Eddie

Something occurred to me. It’s true that I’ve owned a dozen websites and written about as many disparate topics. It’s also true that I’ve written music in every other musical genre known to humankind. On the surface, it might appear that I’m wishy-washy, undisciplined, and indecisive. The truth is, I’m steady.

Sure, I’ve moved half a dozen times in fifteen years. Chances are good that I’ll move again in a few years. I’ve traded so many musical instruments that I only own three instruments that I ever bought new. I keep those for sentimental reasons. I often get rid of huge amounts of the stuff that I own. A year later, I might break down and buy the same items again. Still, I’m steady.

Here’s what I mean. I have friends and acquaintances who have a need to feel superior. Whether it’s showing off their material stuff or their knowledge, they want recognition. To be fair, we all want some recognition. But you know the type. They don’t really have a steady thing, so they compensate by trying to appear rich or smart or cool.

Years ago, a colleague used to call me Steady Eddie. When I asked him why, he explained:

It went something like this:

Dan, you always seem to work through life’s problems and remain cool and collected. You know who you are and what you want out of life. You don’t have to scream to be noticed, but you show your uniqueness every day. And you do all of that with a sense of confidence, with a steadiness. You’re Steady Eddie.

He’s right. Even though it might appear that I jump around from one thing to the next, move from one place to another, at my core, I remain who I am: Simple. Curious. A dad. An artist.

I’m not just an artist. I’m an artist who likes to explore, experiment, and wander off the beaten path. Being creative isn’t just about what we make. It’s about our journey as creators. I started making stuff when I was eight years old. I’ve been doing it in one way or another ever since. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s steady. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.