I know I’m always one to harp against repetition, formula, and mundanity, but recycled goods can be good. Think about how much less pollution we create when we buy used or recycled items. It may feel insignificant, but it adds up.

If you’ve followed my work as a writer, poet, and musician, you might have noticed something. Some of my essays here might look familiar. That’s because they’re recycled from my old website, and why not?

As much as I wish I could reinvent the wheel and be the writer who creates something fresh every time I sit down at the keyboard, it’s wishful thinking. So, I started throwing old recycled articles into the mix. You might not have noticed because I’ve edited the living daylights out of them. Most are half the length as they were the first time around.

Used and recycled goods don’t always match in quality to a new item. A 20-year-old car probably won’t last as long as a new one. In this case, however, recycled writing is better than the original. That’s the point.

As creators, we should never be afraid to go back into our files and put a fresh spin on old work. You’ll be surprised at what you might create. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.