Focus 2023

My recent move to Maine has changed how I’m looking at the world and my creative journey. It’s also got me to thinking about what my focus will be in 2023.

What can you expect from me and my musical personalities, Dan Steven Erickson, Anderhill, A Cult of Lies, and The OWG?

First, from Dan Steven Erickson, you can expect more poetry, lyrics, short essays, maybe even a book start. Live performances and recordings are less likely. I’ll be busy continuing the relocation to Maine.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be working to make new connections with locals. That is one of my goals, but it takes time. If you’ve ever made a major move, you understand.

Also, I’ve sworn off “blogging,” but I feel like this site could use an additional push, maybe more how-to or inspirational posts, and a little less about me.

Anderhill is easier. All of my electronic music is recorded using minimal equipment. I can create ambient and drone music from just about anywhere in the world. I love that freedom. I also love the unique creativity and lack of ego involved in composing ambient music.

Something I’ll do in 2023 is to create stronger differences between Anderhill and A Cult of Lies. Anderhill has become primarily drone and ambient music. That won’t change.

A Cult of Lies was originally Anderhill’s heavier alternative. But 2022’s release of The Beauty of Infinite Sadness blurred the boundaries. In 2023, A Cult of Lies will focus on heavier, darker, more industrial sounds. Perhaps, I’ll even add vocals to some of A Cult of Lies.

The OWG is my outlet for playing with beats. Originally a drummer, I still love drums. I have a limited amount of traditional drum equipment at hand. Fortunately, today’s digital options allow for a large variety of drum programming using an iPad and a pair of headphones.

I’m looking forward to making music in 2023. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.