Writing Poetry to Let Go

Portland Oregon – Photo by Dan Steven Erickson

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of poetry. It’s one way that I deal with frustration and anger. I write. Writing poetry is a great way to deal with emotional distress. I encourage everyone to practice writing poetry to let go.

What do I have to be distressed about? Where do I start? I’ve hinted before about a situation that led me to leave Washington State and move to Maine. I still can’t say too much about that situation. But it includes my witness to a drug deal by a person who may be facing the possibility of a prison sentence.

Honestly, when I moved to Maine, I hoped that I’d never have to deal with that shit again. But it’s come back to haunt me. And quite frankly, it pisses me off. I want to move on, not go back. So, I started writing poetry about how I feel. I’ve already published a couple of short poems about it and there are more to come.

There are many reasons to write poetry.

Let’s consider a few of the ways that writing poetry can be beneficial.

  1. Writing practice: Poetry is a form of writing. The only way we become better writers is to practice. Poetry is short-form writing. You can write a poem in 20 minutes.
  2. Purging emotions: As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently writing poetry to deal with my anger and frustration regarding a specific situation. Bottled up emotions can lead to health problems. Purging your feelings is letting go. Letting go is healthy.
  3. Remaining ambiguous: I might have said too much already about what I’m dealing with. But I haven’t divulged too many details. Poetry can allow us to share information without specifics. I’m working on a book that might share more details later.
  4. Being creative: Poetry is creative. No matter what kind of artist or writer you are, writing poetry is a creative endeavor.

Poetry can be high art or punk rock.

As I write this article, my daughter is watching the movie, School of Rock. It’s a fun movie, but it also represents how poetry can be a form of ¬†social rebellion. Stick it to the man!

I’ve been writing songs for years. I might not write punk rock, but I’ve often used words and music to express my feelings about religion, politics, and bureaucracy. On the other hand, I’ve studied some traditional poetic and musical forms. Poetry has a wide range.

A huge reason to write poetry is simply that it’s so diverse. Poetry can express almost anything in a variety of genres. Poetry can be highly structured or it can be completely open and free. It’s expressive.

I’m not sure how many more poems I’ll write in the near future. Writing in any format is a strange beast. The muse comes and goes. In any case, writing poetry is a great way to deal with pent-up frustration and emotion.

If you want to express yourself and your deepest feelings, I encourage you to take 20 minutes and write a poem. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.