Dear Media

it’s funny how you pick
and choose.
i sent you repeated messages
about the arrest,
told you of his dealings
with kids
on school grounds.

instead, you chose
to write about some guy
whose yard was a mess
and arrested
for being a public nuisance,
selling drugs
to homeless people.

why would you do that?
an arrest is an arrest,
drugs are drugs,
kids are our future.
it’s almost as if
dealer number one
had more clout
in your world.

he runs cool,
might even deal
to a few higher-ups?
let’s be hush-hush
about that one.
it’s going on two years
and he’s still out on bail,
continuing his trade.

it might have been
his fentanyl that killed
that kid at that party.

i wonder if it’s fear,
lack of balls,
or a little kick back
that kept your mouth

Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.