Woody Guthrie – Photo by Dan Steven Erickson

It’s okay to wander. Life is full of mysteries, chaos, ups and downs. To never wander down the wrong path is to not live fully. Sometimes we wander down the wrong path twice. We go down roads we were already down that didn’t lead anywhere. It’s okay.

Wander. Woody Guthrie did.

I lived in Maine as a kid. I was removed. I’ve wandered back.

Sometimes our writing is fresh. Sometimes we find exciting new subjects and metaphors. Other times we wander back into that place of repetitiveness or self-obsession. It’s okay.

Of course you don’t want to produce shit. No one does.

We all want perfect stories full of intrigue and drama. We want our songs to be just right, songs that everybody loves and hums along to. We want picturesque pictures. Or do we?

Be careful. It’s okay to wander into the echo chamber, but don’t stay too long.

Be willing to wander away from the expectations of the masses. Create something odd, something bizarre. Sometimes it’s the novel experiments that can lead to overwhelming success.

Go ahead. Dare to be different. Wander. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.