The Original Grey Castle Soundtrack

Introducing the latest work from Anderhill: The Original Grey Castle Soundtrack. The name of the album says it all. The music was written as a soundtrack for the Grey Castle Podcast by Shaun Castle. Shaun’s new podcast is about dark and spooky stuff like ghosts, seances, haunted places, creepy clowns, odd crimes, etc.

Shaun was thrilled when I volunteered to make music for the podcast. But the truth is that I was thrilled to make the music, too. I’ve been prolific when it comes to composing electronic music the last few years. The fact that we were already into late January 2022 and I hadn’t yet composed anything new was starting to worry me. I was beginning to wonder if my discography was going to skip a year.

I like experimenting with odd and discordant sounds, so when Shaun shouted out for some music for a creepy podcast on Facebook, it seemed like something I could do. I put together 13 tracks within a short week’s time and I think Shaun and I are both happy with the results.

The photo for the album cover is an image I captured of a small worn and weathered sticker on the back side of a street sign in Everett, WA.

You can buy The Original Grey Castle Soundtrack at Bandcamp.

You can follow and listen to the Grey Castle Podcast at Facebook and Spotify, but be ready to get a few chills running down your spine. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.