A couple of years ago, I started a website specifically designed to support my experimental electronic music compositions. That site included my discography, new releases, and stories about my work as Anderhill. I love the concept. However, the Anderhill was discontinued.

Why would I kill a good thing? Because sometimes that’s what creativity requires us to do. Start over.

The site you’re currently viewing has developed from years of creative changes, and instead of trying to maintain a handful of sites, I’ve decided to streamline. I wanted to build a site that represents the whole me. This is it.

It’s only fair to tell you from the start that music will have an equal part to words here. Expect to see news and updates about Anderhill music on a regular basis.

I’m not currently working on any new musical projects, but I am working toward adding a visual element to my creative output. I’ve made a rough goal to begin redesigning Anderhill cover art. Currently, all the album covers are all designed using stock photos. I’d like to begin using more of my own visuals to support Anderhill as I develop this new creative space. – dse

P.S. I’m no longer using stock photos.

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.