The Base

One reason I’ve grown tired of writing for the Internet is simply the repetitive nature that comes with choosing a a topic and specializing. I started this site as a new alternative to the more traditional blogs I’ve operated in the past. It might seem like there’s nothing different about this site. But there is. I won’t continue to write at the same frequency about the same topics. I’m simply creating the base.

What’s the base?

It’s simple. My goal for this site is different than my previous sites. I have no intention of it being a blog. Instead, it’s my showcase as a musician, poet, and writer. I’m moving some of my best short essays on writing and creativity over from the old site. I’m presenting my entire discography as Anderhill. I’m adding the occasional new poem. I’m creating the base.

Throughout the remainder of 2021, I’ll be increasing the Anderhill posts. My goal is to finish offering a post for each Anderhill title in the discography within the next couple of months. I’ll continue to mix it up with short posts on creativity and poetry. But once the base is built, I’ll be slowing down. My focus will turn to adding visual components and other creative elements to the site.

As always, it’s a journey. I’m just riding for the ride. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.