Good or bad, being a creator allows one to practice escapism. When I sit down to write or compose music, I outwardly do it because I love to create. Still, I’ll admit that sometimes I have other motives. I want to forget about everything else going on in my life. I want to leave the real world behind.

So far, life in the 2020s is the most stressful era I’ve lived through. Between COVID-19, political unrest, and crazy weather events, we seem to be living in a dystopian world. In my case, add parenting a teenager into the mix, and I’m ready to escape.

I’ll admit that I often dream about quitting my job and moving somewhere where nobody knows me. I could just hole up and be creative. Life would be normal again. I know it’s not that simple and that escapism won’t lead to the ideal situation, but at least it gives me a little relief from time to time.

Being creative can offer us a place to escape to when life is making us crazy or dragging us down. I know a little escapism is okay. Too much might not be a healthy way to deal with our problems. But in today’s crazy times I’m thankful for the refuge writing and composing music offers me. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.