That Constant Thing

I’ve been a creator since I was a young boy. I wrote a few songs with my brothers when I was eight years old and I’ve loved to write ever since. It’s that constant thing that never seems to stop.

Throughout the years, writing has taken on many forms for me. Songwriting has included pop, rock, country, blues, folk, spiritual, and varying combinations of all the above. I’ve written poetry, essays, blog posts, books, ebooks, plays, and theses. Musically, I’ve composed ambient, house, deep house, drone, symphonic, and music from all the songwriting genres listed above.

I often try out different kinds of writing, change my style of music, and play with new combinations and ideas. Occasionally, I might slow down or get stumped. Some call it writer’s block. I don’t. But through it all, that constant thing is there. Call it the muse if you will, but it’s something more.

It’s happiness, loneliness, playfulness, faith, hope, love, and adventure all bound into one. It’s both the light and the darkness. Sometimes it comes in the morning and sometimes it comes in the middle of the night. She’s (let’s call her a she) always there when you really need her. She tickles, she heals, she distracts, and she makes you ponder. She’s that constant thing behind all of the songs and poems and books and essays. Sometime’s you want her to go away because she comes around so often. But, NO.

I’ll never tell her to go away, and I pray she never does. She’s that constant thing that’s keeping me alive and I love her. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.