Studio Time

So, I spent a day up at Mike’s Studio in Wenatchee WA. The goal was to get rough recordings of all 33 songs from the Erickson & Graham collection. It was a good day and I enjoyed the studio time. Things went good, but the project is still a work in progress. Let’s talk about the bad and the good.

The bad: Most of the recordings are not precise enough for further production but rather simple guitar/vocal one takes that are filled with little inconsistencies.

The good: It was a great use of studio time. We broke some kind of record. I’ve been known to go into the studio with large batches of songs and record fast. Not only did we record the 33 Erickson & Graham songs, we also recorded 15 new songs I’ve written this year, the first batch of originals in a few years.

Now I have a record of these songs. That was my first priority, to just have the songs on file for posterity. That’s why I didn’t worry about perfection. Many of the 48 recordings have mistakes. But that’s okay. When we’re ready, we can do a couple of EPs of the best songs and work on stronger productions.

So when will you hear anything from this project? Good question. The rough recordings still need to be transferred into .wav format. Once that is done, I’ll listen to them and I may share a couple of the better takes here. That might be a few weeks or a month away. Creating higher-quality productions could still be several months off.

This is the why I’ve gravitated more toward electronic experimental and ambient music the past few years. I can record and release music more quickly using a digital audio workshop. More traditional music takes a lot of studio time. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.