Restart 3

I started this website in August of 2021. My first post was titled Restart. Why? Because I’ve owned and operated numerous blogs and websites over the years and I’d grown weary of the traditional idea of blogging. So, I set out to make this site less of a blog and more of an artist’s website.

Well, I screwed that up real quick. I decided that I wanted to move some of my best articles over from my old site(s) to get a little content on this new one. Damn. It started feeling too much like a blog, and I’m an anti-blogger.

Then at the beginning of 2022, I wrote Restart 2. In that article, I explained that once I got all of my Anderhill music moved over to this site, I’d be slowing down in posting new articles. I have remained true to that. I have been slowing down.

So why post Restart 3? First, it’s to mark the fact that my old blog,, is officially offline. Second, because I’m going to slow down even more. Instead of a few posts a week, I’ll be cutting back to a handful a month. And more than ever, I’ll primariliy be posting my poetry, music, and photography. This is an artist’s site.

You know what they say. Third time’s a charm. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.