God, Creativity, and Chaos

Abstract – Photo by Dan Steven Erickson

What do God, creativity, and chaos have in common? Everything. In fact, they all work from a similar base. That’s why they are all hard to grasp and nearly impossible to explain.

The true artist does not set traditional rules and limitations for themselves. They are willing to work outside of the box, color outside of the lines. This does not mean that creating limitations for oneself is wrong. Some artists make very unique work by doing less rather than more. On the other hand, some artists create their art by over saturating the canvas.

If God is nature, or controls nature, as many of us have been taught, then we can see his/her work as both limited and all-encompassing. A clear day on a barren desert creates a stoic vibe, while a raging storm in the jungle may be quite chaotic.

The reality of God is uncertain, taken on faith, creativity is the same. To make a thing from scratch is never an absolute path. Every step of the creative process could change the outcome. But the artist must take the journey on faith.

You might create a musical composition that includes a beautiful melody one day, and another that’s a hideous noise the next. That is true artistry. It includes a willingness to not only explore beauty, but to step into darkness and chaos, to accept both sides of a sweeping spectrum of possibilities.

I have become somewhat agnostic with time. But the creation story says God made man in his/her own image. So what better way to understand God then to understand the scope of creativity and chaos? To create art using the full spectrum as we see in the natural world? And that, my friends, increases my faith, if only just a little. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.