It’s not really funny in a laughing way, but it’s funny how we humans can be. We often contradict ourselves.

As I began this new chapter in my creative journey, I swore that my new website would be a simpler place, somewhere you could just come and check out my music and poetry. I said that I wasn’t going to blog anymore, and I meant that. I still do.

Yet here I am. Writing. I guess that’s what makes me a writer.

I can’t not write. I’m not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse, but it’s a fact. Whether it’s poetry, song, short essay, or novel, I always find myself returning to the page, sometimes more often and with more urgency than other times.

And as much as I want to practice slowing myself and intentionally working toward something less, something else keeps pushing me to do more. It keeps me going in loops.

I write. It’s funny.

I guess it tickles my fancy. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.