Four Albums from “A Cult of Lies”

I have a few different musical personalities. Someone told me I’m a “complex brand.” That might be true, but I’m also willing to experiment with musical ideas. Of all of my electronic work, I think my music as “A Cult of Lies” is some of my best. In this post, I’ll review four albums that I’ve produced and released under that name.


Let’s start with the most recent, Collapse. I composed this music during a dark time in my personal life. It was released on June 24, 2022. My teenage daughter was making some poor choices. We were in the tail end of the COVID quarantine. The music is ambient, simple, and dark. The theme is the Earth’s final days. I only used a few sounds for this album. I don’t think any of the pieces have more than five audio tracks.

The beauty of infinite sadness

Next, released on April 4, 2022, The Beauty of Infinite Sadness, might be my personal favorite of all of my electronic compositions. These are long, slow, sometimes dark, sometimes sad, and often beautiful pieces. They are drone and noise-based composition with subtle veins of musicality seeping through. The title explains exactly how I felt when I made these tracks.

Everything you’ve ever dreamed is possible

Third, Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Is Possible, is an experimental album where I used an old drum machine through a Fender tube amp with the reverb turned up. The result on this May 8, 2021 release is a dark and noisy, and sometimes playful. I’d like to do another album with this kind of vibe in the future.

He called himself Michael the Archangel but he was born to destroy.

Finally, the first album from “A Cult of Lies,” released on may 2, 2021, He Called Himself Michael the Archangel but He Was Born to Destroy. This album is a concept album that follows my journey as a child victim of an extreme religious cult. The music is dark and noisy, and angry and chaotic at times. My goal was to express my feelings about the abuse I encountered as a child through ambient electronic music.

I’m currently working on some new “A Cult of Lies” music for release later in 2024. I released a couple of single tracks in late 2023 that may or may not be part of the album. You can listen to Purity and Uncharted Waters on BandCamp. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.