Restart 5

Here I am again, reconsidering everything I’m doing on this site. My old about page did start like this…

Let’s start with truth. The truth is that I don’t know exactly what this website is about. Now that we have that out of the way, here’s what I do know. I create.

I started this site to be more of an artist’s page than a blog. Then I had a couple of blogging relapses. Maybe this time I’m over it. I don’t hate blogging, it’s just not quite what I want to do anymore. It feels like I’m just spinning my wheels, saying the same things over and over.

What’s that mean for the site?

First, I’ve gone back to a static front-page model. You’ll still have access to the “blog” or a “news” page. I’m also keeping the archive page alive so you can access any of my old articles if you choose. I’ll still write occasional blurbs about my creative process. I’ll continue to update you with new music and poetry. But the front page will be more like any other musician’s or author’s page you see online. It may include photos, videos, links to product, show dates, etc.

Look for new music and changes soon.

That’s it for now. I hope you continue to enjoy my work. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.