Whether you want to admit it or not, we all have a primal nature. Deep inside of each human being there is a desire to do things that most of us might consider morally disgusting, even evil.

We’ve learned to bury and hide our primal nature deep below the surface of our modern-day persona. I suppose that’s a good thing. Then again, perhaps if we were more able to connect with and understand our inner-animal, we might better know ourselves.

Think about it? Who would you have been if you’d lived thousands of years ago: a conquerer, a war monger, a murderer, a rapist, a thief? Would you have had any knowledge as to the good or evil of your actions? Or would you just do what you needed to do in order to survive?

Whether you think this world is six billion years old or six thousand years old, our predecessors were more primal than we are today. Deep down, it’s part of our nature.

Perhaps, reflection on that primal nature, without literally acting upon it, can help us to understand who we are and where we fit into this current world. And it might just make our creative work a bit stronger in the process. Have you found your inner-animal? – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.