Portrait of An Abstract Personality w/Ghost On This Earth

After I composed six tracks that you can check out on my Anderhill album  Zero to One, I sent them to Ghost On This Earth to tweak at will. The result is this dark ambient album with some unique and quirky sounds in the mix.

This is Portrait of An Abstract Personality, a collaborative project of Anderhill and Ghost On This Earth.

The cover art is an original drawing from Ghost On This Earth.

I gave Ghost On This Earth full creative freedom with my sounds from Zero to One. I said, “you can cut it up into pieces, slow it down, speed it up, reverse it, change keys, layer over or under, whatever. Have fun with it.”

Here’s what Ghost On This Earth told me, “I believe I took two parts from each track, (from Zero to One), via the slice tool and I added effects. Basically, I used a lot of reverb and reverb decay and a lot of equalizer treatment on high-pitched parts, and also a low-pass filter. Automation clips also played a big role in the production.”

Ghost On This Earth added, “I took inspiration from artists such as Eno and Ekoplex.”

The result is the dark ambient album Portrait of An Abstract Personality. It was a fun and fast project. Maybe we’ll do more in the future. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.