Writing in itself is not usually frustrating to me. Composing music is also generally not frustrating. However, the technology used to create webpages and audio recordings are often filled with kinks.

I’ve pared down on how much technology I use, but it still often feels like too much. I cut my social media in half. I’m reducing the websites I operate from four down to one. Still, technology has its kinks that can be both challenging and an obstacle.

Maybe, I’m showing my age, but things didn’t used to be this way. Dealing with our daily responsibilities and hobbies was as simple as dropping a letter in the mailbox and picking up a guitar. Now we have a myriad of logins and passwords to remember. We have programs and technical systems that can randomly glitch. We have Internet that can crap out. And the system is always changing. Kinks.

There are days when I want to erase my digital presence and go back to living like it’s 1981. I likely won’t do anything so dramatic. I might take some short breaks. In this age, part of being a writer and a musician includes the kinks of learning and keeping up with the technology.

One thing that has lessened my kinks lately has been switching to a new hosting service. I moved from a shared-hosting service to a premium host. This new site is hosted through Flywheel.

In the end, I always seem to accept the challenge. Frustration, kinks, and all, I continue to keep doing my best to learn what I need to know to keep this thing alive. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.