I hear a lot of discrepancies lately about what freedom means in America. I don’t intend to get political on this site, but I hear a bunch of whiners, those who claim they’d fight for freedom but won’t take one little vaccination.

For me, freedom has much more depth than something as silly as whether or not I should get vaccinated for the coronavirus. I’m a college teacher. I made the choice that’s best for the most amount of people. I got vaccinated. It was simple logic. It’s also not the first time in history that vaccinations have been mandated in America.

The fact that I’m writing this essay is freedom. Not only am I writing, I can say almost anything I choose to say. So can anyone who disagrees with me, or anyone who disagrees with our government. That’s The First Amendment.


I also have the freedom to travel, within reason, to almost anywhere in the United States. I can carry a gun if I choose. And no they’re not trying to take them away.


As long as I have the ability to honestly express myself through thoughts, words, and music from a cabin in the woods, a house on the beach, or a hotel in downtown USA, I’m free enough.

If I’m asked to follow a few rules and make some sacrifices for the sake of others, I’m in. But if and when I see something that I feel truly goes directly and deeply against my rights as a citizen, you better believe I’ll be first to take the pen to the paper and speak out. That’s freedom. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.