There are different meanings for the word drift. Some think about the hopeless drifter who never settles down and justs moves from one place to the next. Or you might think of the autosport of drifting. But I’m referring to the natural flow of water. The tide. The flow. Drift.

In life, I believe we should submit to the drift. I’m not suggesting we give up all control. I don’t think we should just let the river take us under. But to allow the natural flow of the river to move us, to flow with the water without resistance, that’s the drift I’m talking about.

That’s how creativity works for me. It’s a flow. As long as I remain open to the drift, I am continually creative. The ideas keep coming. It’s when I resist or step out of the water that creativity stops.

I move with the flow. I allow the drift to carry me at its speed. Sometimes it’s slow and lazy, sometimes it gently flows, and other times I’m swept through the whitewater rapids. Those are the times I can’t stop writing or composing music even if I wanted to. Although I love it when my creativity is running strong, it gets intense.

Then it slows back down to a steady drift. That’s okay with me. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.