Aleatoric Music 2

In 2021, I released Five Birds on a Wire. It’s a five-track, full-length Anderhill album. But it’s not just any album. The compositions were created using the aleatoric method.

What’s the aleatoric method? Simple. You roll dice to help make musical decisions. You compose either completely or partially by chance.

I’ve discovered something that Brian Eno has preached for years. Give yourself limitations in art. Funny I should say that when I recently posted about opening your mind to endless musical possibilities and combinations.

It’s true. There are millions of musical combinations. But that’s part of the problem. It becomes overwhelming. I sit down to compose and I have entirely too many choices. By setting limitations, I’m forced to get creative within some specific paraemters. It works. It also creates a “sound” for any given project.

I enjoyed creating Five Birds on a Wire. I’ve had a few people tell me it’s my very best work. So, I think it might be time to roll the dice again. This winter, I’m going to choose some musical categories, instruments, themes, etc. by rolling the dice.

Once I set my limitations, I’ll go to work. Look for updates. – dse

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Author: Dan Steven Erickson

Dan Steven Erickson is a great undiscovered American songwriter.